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"A WOW Factor of 8.5 out of 10!"
- Beki Pineda of GetBoulder.com

the denver premiere of


by Craig Wright

directed by Paul Jaquith

Starring: Andy Anderson, Lisa Kraai, Joe Von Bokern and Joey Wishnia

An empty Florida condo. Three dead bodies. Is this a shady crime scene or God's fateful hand at work? Perceptions keep changing as GRACE deconstructs the marriage of an intensely Christian couple, their not-so-religious disfigured neighbor, a shaky business deal - and the way religious ideas make sense, and sometimes nonsense, of life's events. This is a darkly funny, often hilarious, deadly serious and provocative play.

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Warning: This show contains adult language, and adult situations. It is not recommended for persons under 18 years of age.

"Worth seeing for its thought-provoking ideas about grace, forgiveness, and love."
- Nancy A. Murphy of The Lowry News

"It's good to see a new company tackle new material instead of depending on the tried and true. I commend them for it and will look forward to future Silhouette productions."
-Sonya Ellingboe of The Littleton Independent

"Silhouette is one of those 'little' theatre companies that does big work in a quiet way. Those of us who have found them and enjoyed their thought-provoking productions are eager supporters. The rest of you need to get on this bandwagon. They find scripts with a biting edge and do them well. This is no exception."
-Beki Pineda of GetBoulder.com

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